Do You Need More Focus?

Our family has been hustling around, working through school, two plays, and our new adventure as Superheroes. Who knew all those good things would be hard to juggle? I find it so easy to lose my focus because I want to do it all.

This is also the time of year that everyone starts thinking about upcoming holidays and comfort food. Taking care of ourselves becomes less of a priority and we start pushing thoughts of health and fitness toward the New Year.

But, what if the end of this year could be different? What if we didn’t wait until the New Year to care for our own health? What if we didn’t gain an extra 10-15 pounds over the Holidays like the average American? What if we could make a few small course corrections and up up healthier at the end of this year instead of waiting for the “resolution season.” Can you even imagine how good we could feel through the Holidays? 

Here are a few ways to add a little health focus to your Fall.

Eat what is in season.
Fall has a great bounty of veggies and fruits. Choose from all sorts of squash, peppers, and mushrooms. Check out for a big list of in season choices.

Choose one day per week to indulge.
I know many people may frown on this, but when temptation for all the food is high, I plan a day to indulge. It gives me freedom from guilt and a way to plan for events that might only offer food choices that deviate from my regular meal plan. 

Get outside and move that body!
Fall is the perfect time to get outside. The temperature is no longer scorching and it has not quite gotten to be freezing yet. Go outside and play football, go for a hike, walk around the park, or visit an orchard and pick apples!