You are NOT Hopeless

Looking into the mirror and climbing on the scale can be detrimental to your health and fitness. Yeah, you read that right. I think sometimes when we look in the mirror or check the numbers on the scale our internal dialogue takes over…

“Look at you, you’re so fat”

“Ugh, why would anyone want you?”

Seriously, can’t you ever get it together?”

Maybe, this is just me. But I don’t think so. Some of the things that I say to myself I would never say to anyone else out loud. Ever. We tend to forget that what is in that reflection or the numbers does not include our value. We relegate ourselves to the idea that only other people can be healthy, beautiful, and fit. That this body is what we are stuck with and that it just can’t change. So we stop trying, what’s the use? It feels hopeless.

Well, I have good and bad news. The good news is that your health and fitness, better yet, YOU, are not hopeless. You can change. You can be healthy and fit. If the change is important enough to you, possibilities are endless. I can help you. In fact, I would love to help you. I remember sitting in the fitting room crying, it’s still very real to me. If you need help to make real lasting change in your level of health and fitness, I can help you do it.

Here’s the bad news though. YOU still have to do the work. There is no “quick fix to a perfect body” Anybody that says that is selling you more than a product. You are the one that has to decide that your health is a priority and more important than watching that episode of GLEE (nothing against GLEE, just an example). You are the one that is going to have to monitor what and when you eat. I can help, but you are in control.

If you feel like you’ve gotten to the place where you feel hopeless in your health and fitness journey, contact me. I can help and I would love to have you succeed!